UBL has infrastructure of 7 Hubs and 100 branches all over Pakistan. Our infrastructure helps to cover distribution of products from big cities to small towns. Our warehouses are well equipped which ensures safety, high quality and hygienic environment. Cold storage facility is also available in our warehouses in order to maintain temperature best suited for our pharma products along with backup power generators. A cumulative warehousing space exceeding approximately 500,000 sq. ft. has been developed. Each warehousing area is supplemented with an appropriate organization of transport including trucks, vans, and other modes of conveyance to handle execution efficiently.

UBL has strong logistics infrastructure, which helps us to distribute our products efficiently, accurately and timely across Pakistan. We have vast range of transportation from mobile vans to Shehzore system to supply our products to modern super markets, key outlets, institutions, retail, electronic retail, international modern trade, modern retail and small local shops. UBL offers a choice of efficient and cost-effective logistics in an environment where speed and efficiency are critical to meeting business need. In short, our aim is to empower our clients to perform well and generate better revenues with our execution solutions.