The most important customers of United brands limited are classified as key accounts. These include local and international modern trade stores, selected retail stores and institutions. For The diverse range of products available under The umbrella of United brands limited These stores are a key contributor to our business. Around 50% of The total sales is coming from These key accounts hence building positive relationships with these traders is very significant for the success of our business.

The very talented sales team at United brands limited maintains a fruitful relationship with these store owners and ensures that our products are available at the right place, have effective displays and are at the right price.

  • Penetrating
  • Expanding
  • Protecting accounts from the competition

We view key accounts as an advantage that require proceeded, and frequently huge, investments to maximize returns. These investments frequently incorporate organizing & adjusting our business' methods and frameworks to boost account value. Account management skills are required throughout, but without the sales skills necessary for execution, our efforts will not come to fruition.

Our Customers

Our key four segments are divided into 4 brackets:

  • International Modern Trade (“IMT”)
  • Local Modern Trade (“LMT”)
  • Wholesale
  • Retail

IMT includes METRO, Hyperstar etc. whereas, LMT includes Agha’s, Farid’s etc.UBL’s top ten customers are as follows:

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