Johnson and Johnson logo

Johnsons and Johnsons is a multinational organization established in 1886. The organization is present in medical services, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged segments. J&J includes a total of 250 subsidiaries on a global scale with operations in 60 countries and product availability across 175 countries.

United Brands Limited handles The sales, marketing and distribution of Johnsons and Johnsons products locally. The product categories include baby care, personal wash and feminine care.

Johnson's Baby Range

Johnson’s baby is The market leader in The Pakistani market with high trust and credibility among The moThers. The product segments include baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby powder, baby wash, baby oils, baby wipes, nappy rash cream, petroleum jelly and baby cologne.

Clean & Clear

Clean and clear is one of The oldest brands in The personal wash category specially targeted towards The skin care needs of females. The flagship SKU “Clean and clear face wash essentials” is The most relied upon brand by females when it comes to facial skin. Under The Clean and Clear umbrella oTher facial care categories include moisturizers, scrubs, exfoliating daily wash, pore cleansers, foaming wash and black head remover bars.

Stay free

Stay free are sanitary napkins under The feminine care portfolio distributed by United brands limited.

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