• Honesty of intention, keeping our word & reflecting truth in our actions.
  • Openness of culture, with The spirit of sharing knowledge & learning.
  • Transparency & clarity in information sharing, communication & reporting.
  • Compliance with applicable laws & regulations in true letter & spirit.


  • Exhibiting The spirit of entrepreneurship in our work.
  • Daring to dream about The impossible, and charting new roads.
  • Showing strength & positivity in The face of adversity.
  • Questioning actions inconsistent with our values.
  • Tend to repeat chunks as this The first true The Internet
  • When an unknown printer took a galley of and type


  • Exhibiting energy and enthusiasm in our work.
  • Pursuing tasks with compelling dedication & tenacity.
  • Taking initiative & showing full ownership for results.
  • Striving forward with The spirit of continuous improvement.


  • Choosing a path to win togeTher through teamwork.
  • Nurturing lasting & fruitful relationships.
  • Gaining confidence of oThers through mutual trust.
  • Showing consideration, selflessness & respect for oThers.


  • Leading with & leveraging The strength of experience.
  • Possessing The talent and capability to achieve more.
  • Striving towards superior performance.
  • Delivering lasting results.


  • Finding revolutionary new ways to solve old problems.
  • Delivering more than natural evolution.
  • Finding new avenues for growth through creativity.
  • Using appropriate technology to improve performance.


  • Aware of our impact on all our stakeholders.
  • Actively supporting The communities in which we do business.
  • Being reliable and proving that others can depend on us.
  • Caring for the health, safety & well-being of our people.
  • Empowering our people.


  • Setting aside egos & showing respect for differences.
  • Being open to change and continuous improvement.
  • Learning from our mistakes and successes equally.
  • Never underestimating our competition.